3 generations and almost a century



Rafael Navarro Pozuelo and Pilar Ruiz Ruiz, aged 15 and 13 respectively, become apprentices in the jewellery workshop of the Gamiz family in Córdoba. 11 years later, Rafael qualifies as a member of the Sociedad de Plateros de Córdoba.


Early Years.

Rafael and Pilar embark on an adventure together, as this years sees them both getting married and establishing their own jewellery workshop in Plaza San Eloy in Córdoba.



The three sons Rafael, Emilio and Francisco join the business


New Promises.

The workshop moves to new facilities on Rodriguez Sanchez street.
(Rafael Navarro on the left with two employees).


Second Generation.

Rafael and Pilar officially retire from the business and hand over the reins to the second generation.

(Emilio and Francisco Navarro Ruiz on a trip to New York).


New Promises.

The business is moved to the Industrial Park of la Torrecilla de Córdoba, into a custom factory.


Third Generation.

Four grandchildren of the founders join the business, and the business becomes a regular exporter, building on prior sporadic sales abroad.
Production is adapted for export without forgetting the domestic market.



Rafael Navarro, grandson of Pilar and Rafael, assumes the helm and restructures the business. At the beginning of the following year the business moves to the Jeweller´s Industrial Park on the outskirts of Córdoba

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